When is the best time to go to Hurghada?            

If you are thinking about taking a Nile cruise, high season is from December to February.

If you can travel in March – April (excluding Easter season) or in October – November, things are less busy and temperatures are still pleasant.

If you are looking to do some scuba diving or water sports activities, any time is great however; December till April are cooler months with more frequent high winds and sandstorms.

Is it safe to travel to Hurghada?

Egyptian people remain very friendly and peaceful toward foreign visitors.

Few incidences of violence and terrorist activities have been reported in recent years making
Egypt safe as any place as a holiday destination.

Even in recent years with the higher levels of awareness of terrorist activities in the middle-east acts of
aggression have not increased in Egypt even toward western nationalities.

We suggest you check with your consulate or embassy for any travel advisories before traveling to Egypt or any foreign country.

What type of food is available in Hurghada?

The range of food in Hurghada is very wide and cosmopolitan.
Mostly you’ll find dishes are a cross between Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.

Food is available in large restaurants or from street corner stalls and snack bars.

The smaller snack-bars and cafes usually offer a good range of inexpensive lightly-spiced Egyptian food as well as sandwiches, pizzas and French fries.

Falafel is a snack made from beans and is available freshly cooked on every street corner.

Most major hotels and resorts offer a variety of international cuisine. In addition, the local cuisine includes excellent seafood dishes, pastas and sandwiches.
There are also a few major fast-food chains in major cities, including Hurghada.
Expect to find just about any type of cuisine with limited menus.

Western-style fast food restaurants, including places like McDonald’s and KFC are a common sight in major Hurghada.

How should I dress in Hurghada?

Hurghada is a conservative Muslim country and visitors should try to respect their customs.

In the hotter months loose cotton clothing is the most comfortable thing to wear for both men and women.

If you burn easily it is wise to cover all exposed skin when out in the sun.

A hat or scarf to cover your head is essential to protect you from the fierce heat in order to avoid sunstroke. Comfortable shoes are also a must. In winter, the evenings get suddenly very cold in comparison
to the warm days.

It is advisable to take warm outer clothing to wear in the evening between October and March, and perhaps even light rain wear for Cairo and the north.

What type of phone/internet services are available in Hurghada?

Telephone service is available everywhere in Hurghada and mobile phones are the standard.

The country code for Egypt is +20. To dial an international phone number (from a mobile phone) inside Egypt you need to put the + sign in front of the country code.

Internet cafes are everywhere in Hurghada and free wifi in most coffee shops, restaurants and bars.  Mobile provider booths are situated before you leave the airport terminal should you wish to purchase a local SIM card for calling or data packages (you will need an unlocked device), alternatively, consider renting a mobile wifi unit from us.

Can I send postcards from Hurghada?

Yes, but you are likely to be home before the card reaches its destination. General postal offices can be found in different area in Hurghada. Normal operating hours are 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. hours daily except for Fridays. Posting mail in hotels avoids the trek to the post office and stamps are readily available in the hotel shops. International express mail systems like DHL, Federal Express and other courier services are also available.

Is Ramadan a good time to visit Hurghada?

Some travellers may want to avoid traveling to Hurghada during Ramadan; the holy month for Muslims that changes every year. This is primarily due to the fact that alcohol is not to be consumed by Muslims during this month and normal operating hours for restaurants, local businesses and government offices are shorter or even closed during Ramadan.

Another downside of this time is all tourist sites usually close at least two hours earlier than usual, causing a shorter time for visiting. People who are fasting in Ramadan are sluggish during the day time but very active after they break their fast.

On the other hand, Ramadan is a delightful month in Egypt; it is a month-long celebration. At night most of the coffee shops are open late and full of people who stay awake till the early morning hours. It is the time the Egyptian people never sleep and the time when everybody goes out at night to socialize.

What languages are spoken in Hurghada?

Arabic is the official language in Hurghada however, Egyptians speak a different dialect from other Arab countries. This is usually understood but there is a colloquial dialect or street Arabic which varies throughout Egypt. The dialect between Cairo (Lower Egypt) and Luxor (Upper Egypt) is very noticeably different.

Most Egyptians working with tourists understand and speak at least English but usually two or three other foreign languages. In popular areas for tourism children as young as two years old know how to say welcome to Egypt, what’s your name, baksheesh (tips); give me money/cigarettes/candy in many languages. Children are taught in schools to speak foreign languages and most love to practice their language skills with tourists.

What travel documents and visa do I need for Hurghada?

You will need a valid return or onward flight ticket, passport and tourist visa. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt. Most nationalities can buy their tourist visa upon arrival at the airport but some nationalities must have a pre-arrival visa to enter Egypt.

We advise anyone planning to visit Egypt to contact the Egyptian consulate nearest you for complete details. The current fee is $25 for tourist visas issued at international airports however; the cost may vary depending on your nationality.

What do I do if I need medical treatment in Hurghada?

Medical treatment in Hurghada can be very expensive so it is important that you have adequate coverage on your medical insurance. Although there are no customs restrictions, if you’re taking prescription medication while abroad it is advisable to have a note from your doctor with you just in case you’re questioned.

Medical coverage policies are different with each insurance company. Really, only you know if your insurance will cover medical care while traveling and it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company at home before traveling.

If it does not provide adequate coverage for your needs we suggest you consider travel insurance that offers medical coverage before leaving home.

Should I bring a medical kit with me to Hurghada?

Any time you travel you should always take a sufficient supply of any prescription medications you are taking, and it is wise to take a few first aid supplies with you for minor problems. When traveling to Egypt you may also want to bring a diarrhea remedy such as Imodium in your first-aid kit but in most cases the Egyptian remedies work much better and are much less expensive (Antinal).

The major reason for sicknesses is travellers who are not used to the heat simply do not drink enough water-fluids to replace what they lost. It is suggested that you drink around 4-6 liters of water per day as a good preventative. Alcohol and drinks with caffeine are also dehydrating and not suitable as a replacement for water.

What should I know about airport customs in Hurghada?

Passing through customs at International airports in Hurghada is conventional. When you arrive at the airport the first thing you must do is present your passport and visa to a passport control officer. After passport control, you continue to the baggage claim area to pick up your luggage. Once you have your luggage, you must clear customs before exiting the airport. To re-enter the airport you must have your passport and boarding ticket.

How do I get money out in Hurghada?

ATMs are common and easy to find anywhere in Hurghada, especially in city centre. ATMs accept major credit cards and debit cards for cash advances. They usually dispense cash in the local currency – Egyptian pounds. If you plan to use ATMs we suggest you check with your bank at home about your daily withdrawal limits before you leave.

Can I use credit and debit cards in Hurghada?

Most major credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted in most restaurants, merchant stores
and hotels. Debit cards are also accepted in some places.